FaunaTrack specialise in Australia-wide, terrestrial vertebrate fauna survey and assessment designed principally for baseline fauna inventory, wildlife monitoring and biodiversity conservation. Services are targeted at a wide range of organisations, including government and non-government conservation organisations, the mining sector, indigenous corporations and regional conservation management bodies.

Principal Zoologist - Ray Lloyd [BSc (Zoology) (Hons); Dip (Nat.Res.Mgt)] has been undertaking biological surveys since 1999. Having undertaken several hundred fauna surveys and working throughout much of Australia, he has extensive experience in the design and implementation of a range of biological surveys,  in particular a great knowledge and passion for Australia’s herpetofauna (reptiles and frogs) and their biology, ecology and identification.

FaunaTrack has undertaken or been involved with a significant number of wildlife survey and monitoring programs throughout Australia for a range of clients. The types of projects undertaken include:

  • Level 1 fauna surveys;

  • Level 2 fauna surveys;

  • Baseline fauna inventories;

  • Targeted searches for species of conservation significance;

  • Development site and infrastructure corridor inspections and pre-clearance surveys;

  • Feral animal monitoring programs;

  • Venomous snake removal; and

  • Fauna identification services.

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Regional areas of survey experience and expertise include:

  • Queensland - Cape York Peninsula, Wet Tropics and Brigalow Belt;

  • Northern Territory - Arnhem Land, Gulf Country and Tanami Desert;

  • Western Australia - Kimberley, Pilbara, Shark Bay, South-western Australia, Great Victoria and Great Sandy Deserts, Central Ranges and Goldfields;

  • South Australia - Simpson Desert;

  • Victoria - South coast and North-west mallee regions; and

  • Numerous island surveys in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.