Incorporating the latest techniques and technologies and maintaining the highest industry standards, FaunaTrack can provide a wide variety of fauna survey and monitoring programs. These can be tailored to suit most needs and budgets and range from a small fauna assessment through to detailed, long term monitoring programs.


Key services and programs include:

  • Terrestrial fauna survey, design & implementation;

  • Fauna identification services;

  • Trapping & detection programs, including the use of Wildlife Detection / Conservation Dogs;

  • Monitoring programs (both native and introduced species);

  • Pre-clearance surveys / Wildlife spotting;

  • Fauna rescue and relocation;

  • Venomous snake management;

  • Targeted surveys for conservation significant and poorly known fauna;

  • Secondary evidence sampling (i.e. tracks, scats & burrow identification);

  • Short Range Endemic (SRE) invertebrate surveys & collection;

  • Survey reporting and documentation; and

  • Fauna monitoring and management plans.


We also specialise in remote area field work

Fully licensed, qualified and insured, with all fauna surveys and assessments conducted in a professional and timely manner and in accordance with state and federal legislation and guidelines.