Wildlife Photography:

FaunaTrack specialise in Australian wildlife photography, principally reptiles and frogs, with over 900 species and sub-species being photographed and catalogued. Images of Australian mammals, species of conservation significance, and associated wildlife habitats are also available. Many images have been published through a wide variety of sources including books, magazines, information sheets, posters, student projects and websites. A small selection of images are on display here, though a larger selection is available for viewing via the Wildlife Image Gallery. All images are available for licence, though please be aware of the terms of use, outlined below.


Use of Photographs

Photo usage is subject to the following conditions:

  • To request the use of images, please direct your enquiry to fauna@faunatrack.com.au and we will forward a Media Licence Agreement (MLA) that you’ll need to complete, sign and return. Once received, we will inform you if any charges associated with the request. High resolution JPEG image(s) will then be forwarded electronically or by mail to your nominated email or postal address, along with an invoice for use (if applicable) with payment methods.
  • Many images are often available for use without any associated fees under the MLA, particularly for use by ‘non for profit’ organisations or other non-commercial projects. However, there are fees associated for images that are to be used for direct financial gain (outlined in the MLA).
  • For images used in publications (textbooks, field guides etc.), we may just request a copy of the final product in lieu of a monetary payment.
  • Photos are only to be used in the publication stated in the MLA.
  • Photos may not be used until the MLA has been signed and returned to FaunaTrack, along with any licence fees.
  • Photos must be credited appropriately (‘Photo © Ray Lloyd' or 'Photo © Ray Lloyd / FaunaTrack’), stated in the MLA.